Small Things,
Big Impact

Colorful spoons in Dream Spoon's low calorie ice cream container used to upcycle, reuse our plastic

Did you know that paper cups and containers are made of virgin paper coated on both sides by plastic?

This plastic coating serves to keep liquids from soaking the paper and also to shape the paper into a container or cup. A million tons of trees are cut in order to make paper containers and cups daily. Unfortunately, recycling this plastic/paper product presents difficulties as it requires a special process. Thus, used paper containers and cups coated in plastic end up buried in a landfill.

Potted plant growing in upcycled reusable Dream Spoon's low calorie Ice Cream container

Therefore, we aim to save trees by using more justifiable, reusable and up-cyclable plastics.

Our cup is made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Like glass, PET is hygienic, strong, resistant to bacteria and micro-organisms, does not react with foods and beverages. In addition, it does not biologically degrade. In other words, it can be used repeatedly. We proudly launch the online community of #CreativePint to encourage customers to creatively reuse our ice cream container for one of endless possibilities such as a flower planter, dry-food storage, desk organizer and more! Please share your creativity and inspire others to upcycle and help make the world a little bit better.