Milkiest Amarena Cherry Flavor scooped in a cup, Dream Spoon's Low Calorie Ice Cream

Milkiest Amarena Cherry

Ice cream made from Japanese milk. Mixed with mildly sour red sauce extracted from choice Italian-origin cherries drizzled alongside cherry chunks.

Ingredients: Fresh milk, whipping cream, red cherry sauce, erythritol, sugar, stabilizers

Th FDA number: 13-2-03961-2-0031

Darkest Chocolate Chunks Flavor on pie, Dream Spoon's Low Calorie Ice Cream

Darkest Chocolate Chunks

Intense chocolate ice cream with double rich chocolate morsels. Base cocoa powder straight from France, scented and less sweet. Chewy Italian 72% chocolate couverture in every bite.

Ingredients: Fresh milk, erythritol, cocoa powder, chocolate, chocolate couverture, sugar

Th FDA number: 13-2-03961-2-0030

Cappuccino Himalayan Salted Caramel Flavor scoop over cup of coffee, Dream Spoon's Low Cal Ice Cream

Cappuccino Himalayan Salted Caramel

Full of flavor with aromatic coffee imported from Japan. It goes well with the sweetness of Italian caramel, lightly dusted with Himalayan salt. Mixed perfectly, the salt really helps highlight that sweet flavor!

Ingredients: Fresh milk, caramel, erythritol, skimmed milk, sugar, coffee, stabilizers, Himalayan salt.

Th FDA number: 13-2-03961-2-0029

Yuzu Lemon Crumbs Flavor scooped in a cup on bread board, Dream Spoon's Low Calorie Ice Cream

Yuzu Lemon Crumbs

Two sources of sourness from milk ice cream mixed with yogurt and refreshing Japanese yuzu sauce. Swirls of sour sauce contain a light taste of cream cheese from Australia, perfectly matched with freshly baked crumble. One scoop is full of flavor; sweet, sour, salty, and a fun crunch.

Ingredients: Fresh milk, concentrated yuzu juice, erythritol, cookies, butter, cream cheese, sugar, yogurt powder, stabilizer, Steviol glycoside.

Th FDA number: 13-2-03961-2-0028

Horlicks Banana Cheese Flavor scooped with banana toppings on breadboard, Dream Spoon's Low Calorie Ice Cream

Horlicks™ Banana Cheese

Relive you childhood with Horlicks™ malt imported from England blended with Thai golden banana. It is filled with pieces of delicious cheddar cheese for a sweet and salty taste. This flavor makes it difficult to put down your spoon!

Ingredients: Fresh milk, banana, malt, erythritol, whipping cream, cheese, salt, stabilizer.

Th FDA number: 13-2-03961-2-0026