Our Story

Hand holding Cappuccino Himalayan Salted Caramel cone above container of Dream Spoon's Low Cal Ice Cream

Starting from a craving for low-calorie ice cream during quarantine.

Home lock-down had been stressful. Walking from the fridge to sofa was the only daily tour during a mentally fatiguing quarantine where weight gain was the inevitable outcome. We dared imagine an ice cream we could enjoy without concern for our expanding waistlines. We wanted ice cream we can dig into without guilt.

Three slender girls holding Dream Spoon's low calorie ice cream in hand

With our determination and passion for our dream ice cream.

We developed a low calorie recipe that gives a satisfying creamy texture. "Dream Spoon's" low-cal ice cream is our debut product. Our premium guilt-free ice cream is crafted from fresh & deluxe ingredients for flavorful tastes and enjoyable texture. We believe a pint of Dream Spoon's ice cream results in guilt-free happiness!

Who’s the girl on the pint?

Say hi to "Lily"! Lily's characteristics represent our dreams. When she is spooning Dream Spoon's ice cream into her mouth, her happiness swells. She knows well how to find happiness in a simple but delicious way. For the pint of her choice, she chooses ice cream which is freshly made from carefully selected ingredients from all over the world. And, of course, with a health-conscious mind, the ice cream must be friendly to her figure too!